Training Videos

Training Videos

Post Date: Wednesday, 2 June, 2010
Workplace induction and training programs in Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) are set to become more streamlined and safe thanks to custom developed solutions from Allied Trade.

Employee induction and safety training programs are serious business. When we are busy or delivering the same program over and over it is easy to rush things through, get sidetracked by discussion or accidentally forget to mention something.

Getting it wrong could cost you or one of your employees their life.

Filiming a safety training, emergency response training, or employee induction video specific to your company is an ideal solution to avoid these risks and ensure your staff have all the knowledge about equipment, procedures and considerations they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.

On top of streamlining your program and ensuring nothing is left out, training and induction videos also save you time and money in human resources. Once your training video has been shot and your DVD has been produced you won’t need a dedicated staff member to deliver your program – your video will do it for you, standardised, every time.

Allied Trade’s multimedia division, Visual Obsession have extensive experience tailoring safety training and induction training video production to suit specific client needs.

Visual Obsession took their cameras to the seas and skies to develop safety training and accident/emergency procedures videos for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

Accompanied by voice over, these videos used real locations and real people in real situations to demonstrate the operations involved in each procedure as well as the atmosphere, conditions and pace at which staff would be required to act.

Visual Obsession also film and produce worksite induction videos for Queensland construction giant, Hutchinson Builders. Shot on location at their various sites including the controversial Bluewater Estate and the Cairns Base Hospital, the induction videos Visual Obsession produced are compulsory viewing for all subcontractors and employees entering Hutchinson’s sites.

Follow the lead of successful companies in the know. Contact Allied Trade about custom tailoring a safety training or induction program video for your company today.