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Interactive Software for Training & Health

Post Date: Wednesday, 2 June, 2010
Health Promotion and safety training messages are taking a new interesting shape thanks to Cairns based leaders in multimedia, Visual Obsession.

After successfully developing Interactive, multimedia software for Queensland Health, the Australian Commonwealth Government and local businesses for more than three years, Visual Obsession is excited to develop solutions to help businesses, training providers, RTO’s and other public and private health services take advantage of this powerful, effective technology.

Academic studies conducted by the British Education Research journal found that interactive software is better than traditional education and training program delivery methods such as textbooks and videos because it combines both of those elements with interactive user participation to increase comprehension and involvement with key messages.

“We know that people learn more when they can get involved hands-on. We design software that facilitates those hands on experiences for sensitive topics and applications where it has never been used before” said Mr Austin.

Mr Austin said Visual Obsession custom-built training software and health promotion programs for their clients from the ground up and specialise in developing culturally appropriate animations and story lines for indigenous audiences. See Visual Obsession’s interactive software portfolio.

“For example, we have recently created an interactive learner driver education software program and complimentary printed booklet to teach indigenous people the skills and road rules necessary to get their learner’s permit in Queensland. We designed all of the characters and voices in the program, and interpreted Queensland’s written driving rules into interactive, animated demonstrations with interactive quizzes participants can use to check their knowledge” he said.

“We have also developed interactive health training software programs for Tropical Medical Training, a General Practitioner training service in northern and western Queensland and sexual health awareness and education programs for the Australian Government’s HitNET kiosk network” said Mr Austin.

Visual Obsession has just joined with two other Australian businesses to form Allied Trade, a coalition of Australian businesses and services with strong corporate commitment to helping PNG become a competitive player in the global economy and generate resources needed to create a safe, prosperous and socially responsible nation for its people.

Mr Austin said Allied Trade has opened new avenues for Visual Obsession’s interactive health and training software program development due to relationships in PNG but also due to new cutting edge interactive whiteboard technology offered by coalition partner, Harleys Educational Superstore.

“Our software programs are perfect for delivery via interactive whiteboards” Mr Austin said.

“You can use our software to run live demonstrations, interactive quizzes, educational videos, workshops and games on a personal computer or share them with theatre sized audiences using an interactive whiteboard. If you connect Skype to your interactive whiteboard the power of our software increases because you can now educate and train several audiences across multiple locations in real time” Mr Austin said.

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