Health Training

Health affects all of us. In PNG lack of health awareness and health related education is a key contributor to higher than average mortality rates, increasing instances of malaria, tuberculosis, meningitis, diabetes, and sexually transmitted diseases. Most alarmingly however, lack of health education and awareness solutions is contributing to PNG’s leading cause of death and the most critical and preventable health problem in the country – HIV/AIDS.

Allied Trade specialise in developing practical and relevant health education and training solutions for consumers, health care professionals and government agencies in remote areas of Australia and PNG.

In 2009 Allied Trade’s multimedia division, Visual Obsession, in conjunction with Queensland Health created a health education solution for nurses working in remote Torres Strait indigenous communities. This solution, an interactive, multimedia CD-ROM accompanied by printed materials combines practical advice, and clinical information sheets with interactive knowledge tests to educate indigenous nurses about new health issues and practice developments relevant to their communities.

Visual Obsession created a similar heath solution for indigenous adults focussing on stroke awareness and treatment.

They are also the award winning creative team behind the marketing and website development of Tropical Medical Training, a General Practitioner training and development school servicing rural and remote communities in northern and western Australia.

Currently Allied Trade is working on a sexual health education and awareness campaign targeted towards indigenous youth in PNG, with strong emphasis on preventing HIV/AIDS.

Intimate working knowledge of indigenous culture and issues affecting health in PNG coupled with successful first-hand experience developing indigenous specific health solutions make Allied Trade the obvious and reliable choice to help turn your health education or training problem into an effective and sustainable health solution.

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