Diploma of Security & Risk Management

Career Possibilities with a Security and Risk Management Diploma

With a boundless timeframe and minimal constraints, the Diploma of Security & Risk Management online course is undertaken by thousands of students each year. This type of program is possibly one of the most flexible offered by the Australian Security Authority, being open to people of all ages and backgrounds.

After obtaining the business qualification, many students consider their options as far as career choices are concerned. Although many industries will attempt to take on a variety of security specialists, there are some that can offer far more financial potential than others. These can include (but are not limited to):

The transport sector – particularly where security experts are needed within facilities, ports and other locations where goods and individuals may travel to and from.

The celebrity & VIP sectors – where personal security will need to be maintained, managed and improved from an administrative point of view.

Health and care sectors – when surveillance and general monitoring facilities need to be monitored, sustained and used, to better protect civilians within a healthcare establishment.

Educational institutes – Schools, colleges and universities are increasingly employing security personnel; those with the aforementioned diploma can help to manage these systems.

Government and state security sectors – Another very popular career choice, politicians are always in need of security staff and advisors.

Banking and financial sectors – these industries are two of the largest in the world and as a result, they typically require some of the largest volumes of security personnel.

These are just a selection of the types of industries that can stand to benefit from hiring those with qualifications in security and risk management. There are also many qualified students that go on to create their own companies – which can be employed as third party providers to any and all of the above sectors.

With employment opportunities on the increase (and the demand for qualified providers experiencing the same) security industry experts have stated that 2016 is one of the best times to begin a course in higher education. As this course (CPP50611) is considered entry-level, it can be the ideal platform to pursue a career in risk management and security, or enhance knowledge within the field.

Although basic from an external perspective, the HSC English course component itself is held in high-esteem by those in the position of employer. With thousands of new job openings becoming available every year, the potential to turn this form of qualification into a stable career path can be prominent. Furthermore, as the course allows its students freedom to study at their own pace, it can make it easy to balance both work and education; or focus on the latter to obtain the qualification at a much faster rate.