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Wagner have found a solution to overcome connectivity issues and allow businesses, homes and schools in PNG to experience reliable, constant, and fast internet connections that will allow the nation to continue to develop, trade and educate at pace with the global community.

Peplink is a piece of hardware that looks very similar to a network hub. It works by allowing you to simultaneously combine up to 13 DSL/ADSL, dial up and wireless Internet connections from multiple ISP’s and distribute your internet traffic between the various connections so that you will no longer experience service drop outs or dysfunctional, slow connections.

If one of your ISP’s has dropped out, or is performing poorly Peplink will know and automatically connect you to the internet using one or more of your alternative ISP connections. If they are all performing poorly, Peplink will combine the power of several connections to make sure you continue to work or browse at the highest speed possible. Peplink does all this in the background with zero interruption to your work or internet session.

Business owners are finding that e-commerce and popular cloud computing applications are increasing sales, saving time and improving operational efficiency. In addition, cost effective internet applications like Google Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and remote collaboration and support services like GoToMeeting, Skype and GoToMyPc have all gained popularity for saving business thousands of dollars in time, sales and productivity. All of these services require 24/7 fast, reliable internet connectivity and any service interruption can bring catastrophic consequences.

With increased global dependency on the Internet and web based applications comes the need to ensure business continuity during ISP problems and outages. Peplink is your solution.

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